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White Vietnam


The white vein Vietnam strain is a popular strain originating in Vietnam – and one that has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Since it can be found in the gorgeous 200-mile forests along the Mekong River, it originates in a unique place that houses a lot of factors for its cultivation including perfect humidity, elevation and proximity to the river.

The combination of rich mineral content of the native soil and alkaloids culminates in the white vein strain of Vietnam kratom, a true gem of a strain from one of the most fertile areas on the planet.

This white vein strain is recommended for everyone in need of an aroma which aids in natural pain relief and energy, as well as clarity of thought, emotion and absorption in current tasks. White Vietnam also works wonders for those seeking a mood-boosting aroma.

Because of its unique origin, properties and effects, the white vein Vietnam strain is definitely worth keeping handy.

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