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White Shilajit (Dissolves)


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It is worth noting that the brakshun (white Shilajit) is often confused with the black Shilajit. But in reality, the shilajit and brakshun- it is completely different in composition of natural substances (as opposed to organic and mineral shilajit (mumijo) brakshun is a mineral product does not contain any impurities of organic origin). The similarities between the shilajit and brakshun is perhaps only in the fact that the deposit of these products are mainly concentrated in remote mountainous areas.
Until now, scientists can not accurately answer the question – how brakshun (white mumijo) is produced and where it is better to look for. The only thing that is a fact – potassium alum appear in the mountains and they require a high moisture content in the air. Under these conditions, leaching of rock. Typically, this precious substance hidden in deep rock crevices, caves or crevices. You can find it in the Mongolian and Chinese mountains in Russian – in Eastern Siberia, the Altai Mountains, in the Western Sayan.
Alum porous brakshun, have the property of readily dissolving in water.

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