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Space Lotus Extract (30 Capsules)


he mutated Nelumbo nucifera contains a higher amount of active compounds than the original one.

The mutated Nelumbo nucifera was generated from outer space radiation using a Chinese satellite in 1994. The seeds were subjected to radiation for 14 days and 19 hours by the regainable satellite of scientific research in China. Outer space induced mutation is a natural and safe way to breed new crop varieties, because it does not involve artificial genetic modification. After numerous space missions, the mutated Nelumbo nucifera exhibited much larger flowers, up to 40 centimeters in diameter, and much higher concentrations of alkaloids, amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, E, and phospholipids. The Nelumbo nucifera has long been used in traditional Japanese, Chinese and Indian herbal medicine. It was recorded in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia of traditional Chinese medicine for its’ numerous health-promoting properties. The embryo of the lotus seed has multiple medicinal effects, including: anti-aging properties, invigoration of the spleen, anti-diarrhea, kidney tonic, heart tonic and astringent properties. Since their discovery in 1994, the seeds of the mutated Nelumbo nucifera, no. 36, have readily been used in Fujian Province, China.

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