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Palarasul Kava (8 oz)


A single cultivar kava of a head drift characteristics. Palarasul has long had a reputation for being one of the most pleasant and mentally refreshing kava cultivars of Vanuatu. Originally from the North of the island, Palarasul is among the 2 favourite varieties consumed at Vanuatu’s kava bar. Unlike the other two (Noble and Melo Melo), it is much more difficult to find, in part because it is harder to grow, and in part because almost all of it is consumed within the very areas in which it’s been grown for generations. Its appeal as a perfect nakamal kava is obvious: it’s a smooth, creamy kava with a clearly euphoric and pleasant character. It’s easy to drink and suitable for both relaxed socialising, creative thinking and relieving of mental fatigue. In our view, it is certainly the most enjoyable of the three varieties popular among Vanuatu’s kava bar visitors . This is also backed by science as Palarasul enjoys a higher ratio of kavalactones and dihydrokavain to dihydromethysticin than most other varieties found in Vanuatu. The high presence of dihydrokavain likely chills out and slightly prolongs the heady character of this kava.

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