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Green Kava (Ceremonial)


Available in: 1oz | 8oz | 1 Kilo

Green kava is simply kava that has never been dried (as opposed to “brown” kava which is any kind of dried powder). It is the equivalent of any other fresh vegetable or spice. We all know that fresh vegetables, spices, fruits taste different to their dried versions. The same is true for kava. Green kava has a much more complex, interesting, vegetal, grassy, almost fruity, sweetish and sourish flavor. But this is not the only or even the most important difference between green and dried kava. In addition to tasting better and being easier to drink, green kava is also arguably stronger and offers better effects than any dried powder. This is likely in large part due to the fact that some of the active compounds in kava are destroyed in the process of drying. But it’s also because the process of forcing out active kavalactone resin out of fresh roots is far easier than attempting to do the same with hardended, dried and woody particles.

If you haven’t had a chance to try green kava, I’d recommend trying some. It is not just a very interesting experience, but also, in my humble opinion, the best form of consuming kava.

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