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10z – BioGinseng Tincture


Our BioGinseng Tincture is a “live” Ginseng extract that contains active B vitamins, over 40 trace minerals, a high amount of ginsenosides and 14 saponins that have health enhancing effects on the body. Furthermore, due to our unique processing method, BioGinseng gets into the blood stream 4 times faster with 14 times the potency of standard commercial extracts. No other ginseng product on the market can make this claim!

Ginseng is the common name of Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer, a valuable Traditional Chinese medicinal herb. Ginseng is considered a supreme tonic herb in traditional Chinese herbalism, one of the oldest and most comprehensive systems in the world. The genus name ‘Panax’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Pan; meaning all or every and ‘Axos’, meaning “cure”. Thus “Panax” translates to cure-all. The term ‘ginseng’ is a combination of Chinese pin names ‘ren’ which has over the years been transposed into ‘gin’, meaning “man” and ‘seng’ which translates to “essence”. Thus, “Ginseng” literally translates to, “the essence of man” and it is thought to symbolize man’s essence- Body, mind, and spirit. Thus, the name Panax Ginseng translates to, “Cure all for man’s body, mind, and spirit.” It is therefore referred to as the King of Herbs due to its ability to enhance vitality, and assist the body’s ability to adapt to various stressors such as strenuous work and age related nagging ailments. It can help with waning energy and focus, and to fortify the body’s defenses. Overall, it is difficult to find any one other herb that has as many positive effects on the body than Ginseng.

For this reason, we have sought out the very best ginseng available, paying particular attention to the growing, harvesting, processing, extraction, and concentration processes. Using ancient growing and processing techniques combined with 21st century advances in biotechnology, we’ve arrived at a ginseng product unlike any other on the market. It is important to understand that Ginseng is a sensitive “live” natural food that is loaded with biologically active constituents. Great care must go into both acquiring good starting material and preserving these constituents throughout the processing and extraction.

First, we utilize only Korean Red Panax Ginseng, the king of ginsengs, of 4-6 year maturity levels. Ginseng does not develop the full range of beneficial constituents, called ginsenosides, until a minimum of 4 years. Typically, younger roots are used in inferior products such as gas station vials of ginseng or poorly made energy drinks that are overly stimulating, warming, and jagged. To preserve all of the vitamins and minerals and of course, ginsenosides, our process uses whole roots and rootlets, and a no heat steaming method to process the fresh white ginseng into Red Panax. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the steaming process, all ginseng is white ginseng when it comes out of the ground until it is processed with steam to turn it into red ginseng through the oxidative process. Think of how an apple turns reddish or brown when it oxidizes in the open air. Many companies use a quick, high heat process that produces an unbalanced ginseng extract that is nearly devoid of important vitamins and minerals and other constituents which help to balance and support the action of ginsenosides in the body. One such constituent, a mineral known as Germanium, is considered by many researchers to be the world’s most powerful detoxifier. It is found in high amounts in our extract and nearly absent in commercially available ginseng products.

We are confident that you will notice a difference in your everyday vitality with our BioGinseng Tincture and we are proud to add this as part of our product line.

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