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Wicked MIT (80% Full Spec Blend)


Meet our newest Blend, Wicked MIT!
Packing a punch 🥊🌱 with a serious Mit count of 80%. You should lower you dose for this blend it’s a very clean energy blended with super green 2x nano it’s very fluffy,nano grind with 3 kinds of extract!

Green isolate,50x Green and 80% Moon dust ext.

210g – Super Green (Nano)
4g – 80% Moon Dust Ext
18g – 50x Green Ext
18g – Green Isolate

*This is at a huge discount as it contains $120 of 80%,$20 of super green (nano),$36 of 50x Green,$31 of Green Iso ($207 of product for $159.99 in a 250g Bag!)

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1oz., 250g


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