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Shaka Faka Extract [Limited Edition!]


If you found this….Congrats you have the chance to purchase one of the most insane kratom extract blends around. We mixed 10 different extracts some are insanely strong 99% Mitra isolate runs in the $45,000 Range although this only contains 0.21g of it in the blend but u get a slight %. LIMITED EDITION – when its gone its gone!*Limited amount of spoons dose 0.05g to 0.1g

this contains:
99% Mitra
5% Mitra ext
30% Mitra Full Spec
Africa Rifat (Total Alkloid)
Gold 45%
African Speciosa (Total Alkloid)
53% Mitra Ext
44% Mitra ext
Black crystal ext
Red Isolate

oh and the name comes from the island cause faka u gotta be crazy to go this big!

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