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2:1 Mulungu Extract


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High power extract version of our best selling product!
If you are a mulungu fan you will love this extract. Effective at sub gram dosages, and very practical as you wont need to perform a tedious boil as with mulungu bark.
Perfect to make capsules or liquid extracts to take on the go.

Erythrina mulungu is a medicinal plant native to the cerrado and caatinga regions in northern Brazil.
Mulungu has been used by indigenous peoples in the Amazon for centuries as medicines, insecticides and fish poisons.

Mulungu’s chemicals constituents includes a wide range of flavonoids and terpenes, and its main alkaloids responsible for its sedating effects are erythravine and (+)-11α-hydroxy-erythravine.

This plant is a sedative and may cause drowsiness. In traditional medicine the plant is used to lower blood pressure. It is recommended that those on medications to lower blood pressure use mulungu with caution and monitor their blood pressure accordingly. Drug Interactions: Mulungu may potentiate some anxiety and antihypertensive drugs.

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