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Kava Lava Fire Cider (2oz Shooters)


Kava Lava Fire Cider is powerful; it is meant to be consumed in small quantities with water (start with a teaspoon). Each 2oz Shooter contains up to 4 small servings; do not chug the whole thing (unless you really, really want to).

100% Organic Whole Ingredients, 100% Wellness Focused. This vitality tonic tastes great and is packed with powerhouse ingredients. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Hawaiian Turmeric, Organic Hawaiian Ginger, Organic Garlic, Organic Habanero, Hand-Squeezed Lime and Noble Borogu Kava Root make up our invigorating Kava Lava tonic!

Designed for improving gut health, boosting immune function, aiding digestion, reducing stress levels and lowering inflammation, Kava Lava is just the wake up call you need! Mix into tartar sauce for a flavorful accoutrement to salmon, mix into sour cream for chip dip, or make delicious virgin Bloody Mary’s. Founder and Kava Squeezer Ben likes to rip shots upon awakening followed by a warm glass of water for maximum rehydration. Get creative and share your uses with us!

Maximum focus is placed on ingredient sourcing. By focusing on finding the perfect inputs, we have created a pretty amazing and unique output. Consume Kava Lava during kava drinking sessions for improved digestion and absorption, or put it on your salad as a tasty and healthy dressing.

Again, DO NOT slam Kava Lava Fire Cider unless you are aware of what you are in for; start with 1 teaspoon, or dilute with water. It is fiery, potent, and may cause discomfort if used incorrectly.

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