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20pk CBD Hemparettes (1g Ea.| Box)


2000-3000mg CBD hemp cigarettes are the newest addition to our ever-growing line of products. According to our market insight and research, interest in novel ways of harnessing the healing benefits of CBD is getting higher. High-CBD hemp cigarettes are the hottest product currently in the market.

Hemp cigarettes (often called simply CBD cigarettes or we call them hemparettes) are identical to their tobacco counterparts in shape and form. The sole exception is that they use pure high-CBD hemp flower instead of tobacco. This makes them an excellent choice for smokers who are looking for a healthier alternative to carcinogenic tobacco cigarettes and those who seek a quick way to medicate on the spot.

  • Thca% 0.240%
  • Delta-9 0.050%
  • Total THC 0.290%
  • Cbda 4.100%
  • CBD 12.320%
  • TOTAL CBD % 16.420%

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