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Delta 8 Chewables – 55 MG Δ8 Hemp


“DELTA 8 THC Chewable Capsules are now in stock! Ingestion is one of the more popular ways to enjoy Delta 8 THC as it releases the cannabinoids faster through the bloodstream.

Product Information: Type: Δ8 THC chewable capsules
Quantity: (1) 55 MG Δ8 THC Chewable Capsules = 275 MG total.
Notes: Can be chewed and ingested directly through the mouth. Suggested dose is 1 capsule per use. Hybrid effects make it great for use anytime.
Cannabinoid ProfilePotency levels:55 MG Δ8 Hemp(Legal limit is 0.3%)No detectable delta-9 (Legal limit is 0.3%)
Ingredients: Cyclodextrin, Silicone dioxide, hemp extract (d8-hemp), glycine, methylcellulose

100 in stock

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