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30ml – Psychotria Colorata Tincture


30ml Bottle | Product of Ghana
Alcohol Based | Kratom Alternative

Extracts from the leaves, flowers, fruits and root of Psychotria colorata are traditionally used as an analgesic by Amazonian cabaclos native peoples. This analgesic effect has been studied in animals and shown to be reversible by naloxone, suggesting a mu opioid receptor mediated effect. Subsequent research has identified several active alkaloids in the plant, the most important of which are hodgkinsine, which acts as both a mu-opioid agonist and NMDA antagonist, and psychotridine which is an NMDA antagonist with little or no mu-opioid affinity.

Imported From Africa.

Effects of Psychotria colorata alkaloids in brain opioid system (Gov Study!)

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