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1oz – 265g – Batak XL (Enhanced | Super Strong!)


We created a Beast! After our top seller Bataka which includes 25grams of Kratom Isolate, we bring to you Red Batak XL this insane blend contains 4 kinds of extract:

200g of Red Bentuangie
30g Red Isolate extract
10g 44% Mitra etract
15g 50x Red extract
10g Black Crystal Extract

The price may seem high but if you purchased every ingredient and blended yourself this would cost $165.00 this is for someone looking top notch relief. We recommend starting at 1 gram and working your way up. We included the famous 44% everyone loves our top selling extract and a personal favorite of ours at the shop. We offer this extract at $4 gram our competitors sale this at $30gram! We love extracts at Wonderland Gardens we are always searching and working on bringing affordable extracts as they cut down on dose sizes and prolong dose times.

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1oz, 265g


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