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We don’t have customers, we have family. Orders are packed in that manner and hand written. Extra goodies and samples are almost always included with each order (+ Glow Bracelets n Indo Currency,(NEW!) Botanical Leaf Scoop. *when Avail.)

Batch # | Mylar Bags | NSF | Labs.

💳 Payments accepted: ‘NO MEMOS’ (ONLY!!) 💵

(1)Googlepay (Android Supported)
(2)Apple Pay (Iphone Supported)
(3)Paypal (Friend n Family Only! + $2 Fee!)
(4) Facebook Pay
(5)Bitcoin/Litecoin (10% off) (Notes: Coinbase/Savings)
(6)Money Order [Txt pic filled out w/addressed Envelope.Same Day Shipping!]
(7)Cash (Must send w/Tracking #)
(8)GreenDot Transfer (Most Pre-Paid! Cards Check back for Gdot Logo)
(9)MoneyGram (1 day delay)

⚠️Formatting Your Order: NOTICE!!!

(This speeds ur order up tremendously… do not put order details in sentences or paragraphs. Texting your order to 808-371-6077 is like the Express line for placing orders and receiving Tracking. FB messenger is fine but may be delayed. We are on USA Eastern Time (2:00-4pm can get crazy and is our ‘Set’ cutoff around this time could see a day delay in shipping.) Anything before 2pm is guaranteed to ship that day! Messages after 2pm will be answered @6-7Pm est in order.

(Example): -Copy And Paste This Format Below In Text-

Name: Mad Hatter
Street: 4088 Cheshire Dr
City/State/Zip: rabbit, Nc 28418
Email: DeepWater808@yahoo.com
250 Green Tea
250 Blue lotus
($ Method of payment above)

🍃🍂 K R A T O M 🍂 🍃
*Sample Packs (1 order per new customer $4oz up to 4oz +$4 shipping/ $20 Total) + Gift’s!
1 ounce $5.50 (max 6) +$4 shipping!
200gram Special $25.00 (No Split/free ship!)
250 grams $35 Free shp!)
500 grams $58.00 F&H! 50g free sample!
1000 grams $92.00 Free S&H 50g sample!
***SPLITS 2 way free/ 4 way $6 more!***

2 Kilos – $170.00 Free shp! +100g sample
3 kilos – $250.00 Free Shp!) +200grams Free
Bulk 2-3kg are not discounted if 3-4 way split. 2 way split still avail per kg.
-Stem & Vein (Fine Grind/Reset): 250g $25

***TOP SELLER*** Batak ENHANCED (Red/Green/white)
-1oz $9.00
-250g $50.00
-1 kilo $180.00

🔥 E X T R A C T S 🔥

-Red Maeng Da Resin $1 gram
-50:1 Red Crystal Extract $2.25g (Relax)
-50:1 Green Crystal Extract $2.50g (Between)
🚫-50:1 Gold Crystal Extract $2.50g (Energy)
-Red Kratom Isolate ext (used in batak) $1.50g
-Green Kratom Isolate Ext $1.50g
-White Kratom Isolate Ect $1.50g
– Black Crystal Ext Powder $1g or 1oz $25 (Save)
-Dark/Red Ext Instant Coffee 200g-Pack $20 (Add 20g to 8oz hot water stire and enjoy.)
-Kratex extract filter brew coffee 100g $25 (Premium Indo Coffee Extract Enhanced!)
-Extract Kratom: Chocolate Candies $1.75ea
-Extract Kratom: Ginger Candies $1.75ea

🌿Kratom Alternatives🌿
🚫-Mitraygna Javanica 10ml Resin Oil $18
-Sakae Naa (Combretum Quad) $6oz
-Incarvillea Sinensis 20:1 Extract $14oz
-Akuamma 6:1 Extract $1.25g (Africa)
-Wild Lettuce Powder $10oz
-Wild Lettuce Resin Oil (10ml) $18
-NEW! 20x Wild Lettuce Extract capsules (in a tin) $18
-Akuamma Powder 1oz $5 / 1kg $88
-20g 50x Hirsuta Resin: $30.00 (Thailand)
-Mitraygna Hirsuta [Kratom Cousin!]
100g $14/250g $30/1000g $86

🌴Kava Kava🌴
Kava (Noble) 8oz $35 free shp!
Tu Dei Kava (Rare) 8oz $36 Free shp!
8oz Kava root chunks (fresh must grind) $35
80% Kava C02 Extract (Strong!) 1g $3.50 +$2.88ship
⛔️Kava Plant (Clone) $100 (wait list msg us!)

🌱Other Amazing Botanicals 🌱
-Cats Claw (acacia berlandier): 1oz $12
-Shilijat Powder (Extract) $1g
-Shilijat Resin $1 g
-Shilijat White (stable/Dissolves/RARE!)$1.75g
-African Dream Herb (Powdered Seed) 1oz $12
-Bala (Sida Cordifola) (⚡️)$6oz
-Kanna 100%……. 1oz $8.00
🚫-Mulungu Root Bark Powder: $5oz
-Guduchi (Tinospora Cord) Powder $5oz
-Moringa (Non-GMO/Organic)
1oz. $5.00 /8oz. $32 /16oz $50/35oz. $80

-Blue Lotus (Flower/Thailand Import)
28g/1 Oz. $12 /2oz $22

-Space Lotus Powder (High Alkaloid)1oz $12
-Space Lotus Extract Capsules (30 caps) $33
-Blue Lotus Extract Resin $3g
-Blue Lotus Resin Oil (10ml Dropper) $18
-‘Wild Blue’ Lotus Resin Oil (10ml) $19
-Blue Lotus pollen cakes(Smoke) $2.25g
-Lotus Kiss Resin Oil(Blue + Red Lotus) $18

🍁-C B D- 🍁

⭐️ Hemp Flower Current List ⭐️

🚫Blueberry Haze 16.2% (1g-28g)
🚫Juicy Fruit 16.3% (5-7g)
🚫Durban Potion* 16.4% (per 1g)
🚫AC Diesel #2* (per 1g) 18.5%
🚫Cheshire Cookies* 21.8% (per 1g) (Next Havest Oct)
🚫Silver Haze 23.4% (1g-28g)
🚫Honolulu Haze* 23.9% (per 1g) (Next Havest Oct)
🚫NEW!Lifter – Moonrocks 42.07% ( Distillate/Rolled in Kief) 7g Jar $55

SALE! Hemp Flower!
🚫Cristal 15.7% (1g-28g) SALE! $3g (Small Flower)
🚫Birthday Cake #2 17% (1g-28g) $3g SALE! (Small Flower)
🚫#RandomSHAKEbag $2g (Sale! Assorted!)

🚫-1g Mix-n-Match $7g ($3 shp!)
🚫-5g Bag: $26 (Free shp/same strain/Excluding (*)
🚫-7g Bag: $36 (Free shp/same strain/Excluding(*)
🚫-25g CBD “Full Kola! Plant Top” $100
🚫-28g of ANY (BULK) strain $99
🚫-1.5g Of CBD Flower Kief $32
🚫-NEW! Kief Rolled Hemp 2g Flower jars: (Honolulu Haze,Casino Cookies,Ac Diesel #2,Durban Potion) $24

⭐️ HEMP/CBD Dabs ⭐️

-Full Spectrum CBD Dab Wax .5g for $20 or $38 (per gram.)
🚫-Full Spec Honolulu Haze 1g $38


🚫-150mg Cbd Lollipop $9
🚫-250mg CBD Mints (5x 50mg) $9
🚫-250mg Bubble Gum Pack $10
🚫-250mg 5ct. Strawberry & Cream gummies $9
🚫– 500mg CBD Honey Shot (Add honey to tea or dose) $18
NEW!!!!- 1200mg 120pcs Full Spec Cbd Jar (10mg x 120) *Hemp Federally Legal* $48 *Free S&H*
🚫-1000mg 20pc gummy pack (peach ring,Fruit Rings,gummy worms, sour worms,blue raspberry puffs) $30

🚫-1000mg 20pc Sour Belts (Cotton Candy,Berry,strawberry Banana & MORE!) $30


-150mg flavored CBD spray 0.41ml $10ea
-1,500mg Capsules High-Strength Qty:10 $40
-1,000mg CBD Oil (vegan in MCT oil) $50ea
-NEW!1,000mg CBD Oil Full-Spectrum *Under 0.03 Federally Legal* W/Labs SALE! $25 ($32.00)
-1g/1000mg CBD isolate powder $20 or 500mg $12 ($2 shipping)

🚫-100mg Hemparettes (legal 50) $9ea
🚫-350mg pre rolled cbd cigar $12ea (3 for $30)
🚫-5pack KING-Prerolled comes in Tin w/Labs $28


-1000mg 1oz.cbd salve $15ea
-Hemp lotion [Aloe,Veg,No frag.] $18 (SALE!)-(NEW!) KAVIDIOL PAIN RELIEF 2OZ BOTTLE – 125 MILLIGRAMS OF CBD (CANNABIDIOL) + KAVA KAVA EXTRACT IN EACH BOTTLE. -$55 -50mg Terp Infused Durban Potion Jar Of Bath Potion [Like Bath Bomb!]


-625mg/30ml E-CBD Liquid “REFILL” bottles $25
-Honey Flavor-Fruity Loopz -Watermelon Bomb-Berry Blast-

-700mg CBD Terp 510 Vape: $25ea

(Avail700mg Cart’s – HIGH STRENGTH/CBD ONLY!)

🏜 Gelato | (relaxed,euphoric,happy,giggly)
👾Grand Daddy Purp | (physical relaxation)
🍍 Pineapple express | (Uplifting,energetic)
🍪 Girl Scout cookies | (Joy,Euphoric,Creative)
🍒 Cherry Pie | (happy,relaxed,uplift)
💨 OG Kush | (Motivation,Drive,Focus)
🍌 Strawnana | (Relaxed,Sleep,euphoric)
🍋 S.Lemon Haze | (happy,uplifting,energy)
🍊 Orange Cookies | (relax,creative,uplifting)
⛽️ Sour Diesel | (serene, joyful, focused)
🌅 Sunset Road | (creative,carefree mindset)

+ Add Battery $8 (510 thread battery 2-1)
-2 in 1 S.D Vape/Dry Flower battery $15

✈️ I m p o r t s (seed/plants)✈️
-Kratom Seed Pods ($15)
NEW! -M.Hirsuta Seed Pods ($15) *Thailand*

Red Maeng Da
Red Malay
Red Sumatra
Red Bentuangie
Red Horn
Red Bali
🚫Red Chocolate
Red Vietnam
🚫Red Aceh
Red Borneo
Red Jong Kong
Red X (mature older leaf dark red)
Red Kali
Super Red
Red Thai
🚫Red Indo
Red Bunut

Green Maeng Da
Green Indo
Green Vietnam
Super Green
Green Sumatra
Green Bali
Green Malay
Green Hulu
Green Borneo
Green Chocolate
Green Banjo
Green Elephant
Green Bentuangie
Green Jong Kong

White Malay
White Maeng Da
White Horn
White Bali
White Chocolate
Super White
White Vietnam
White Bentuangie
White Borneo
White Hulu
White Sumatra
White Banjo
White Kali
White Indo

🚫Yellow Vietnam
Yellow Borneo
Yellow Thai
Gold Blend

⭐️ Custom Blends ⭐️

*Mohammad Bali Blend <Chill/Creative/Mellow/Mood> – Red Bali + 100mg CBD Isolate + Wild Lettuce + Damiana + Passion Flower + Sakae Naa + Bay Bean + Blue Lotus + White Lotus + Kratom Isolate

*The 13th Blend <Relax/Relief/Mellow/Sleep>- 92.5g Red Indo + 92.5g Red x strain (mature red leaf) + 15g of 50x red extract

*The Hemp Blend <Relax/Mellow/Full Relief+>
700mg CBD + 10g Turmeric + 10g 50x Red Extract + 5g Kratom Isolate + 180g Red Batak (Enhanced)

*All Gold Everything <Energy>- 185g Golden Blend + 15g 50x gold extract

*ZzZzZ Blend <Relax/sleep/Anxiety>- 150g Red Bentuangie, 10g Akuamma Extract,10g kratom isolate,10g fresh grind blue lotus,10g mulungu + 10g Kava Extract.

*Positive Energy <High Energy>- 150g Super Green Krtm + 10g Shilajit Powder + 40g Moringa (Organic)

🎩🐇(New!) Character Blends♥️♠️ (PREMIUM!)

*THE CATERPILLAR BLEND <Energy> – 160g Green Jong Kong + 30g Bala’ (Sida Cordifola) + 20g Moringa + 10g 50x Green Extract

*RED QUEEN BLEND <Relax/Relief> 150g Red X + 30g Sakae Naa +10g Kratom Isolate + 30g Wild Lettuce + 3g Akuamma Extract + 7g Kava

*ALICE BLEND <Relax/Custom ‘YOU CHOOSE COLOR: Red/Green/White/Yellow 250g Total! 3g Red Iso,3g Green Iso,3g White Iso,8g Reishi Mushrooms,5g Akuamma 6:1 Extract,1oz Guduchi Herb,100mg Cbd Isolate. $50.00


*Store Policy you agree WG is not responsible for free samples. Free items are given not apart of purchase. We are not responsible for covering a free sample that is damaged in transit. We guarantee delivery or reship! (If u give wrong address or usps error will file $50 insurance claim may take 2-3 weeks) Same day shipping if order placed by 3pm est time. We are not responsible for packages stolen from mailbox/porch step etc. if u receive a product u are not happy with we will accept return (M.Speciosa only!) you must send back we will refund + return shipping cost.

Shipping: If your package is over 15+oz it is shipped usps priority – You get free $50 insurance if lost (2-3 Weeks wait period for usps) (You may purchase full insurance but must request at time of purchase.) First class are small order 1-14oz they are not insured (Unless u request) No Insurance comes with this we are not responsible for lost/stolen unless u request insurance and pay at time of purchase.